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About us



The Vision: of F.A.C.E (Freedom Advocates Celebrating Ex-Offenders Program) is to provide supportive/transitional housing for individuals currently or previously release returning citizens from correctional institutions in providing guidance in selecting outpatient treatment with mental health counseling, substance abuse treatment, educational opportunities, job training programs and develop independent life skills necessary to sustain a lifestyle of recovery to include safe secure transitional housing placement.


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Refreshed Mission:

Working with community partners, we connect returning citizens of Baltimore to resources that build stability, support their well-being, and empower them to thrive.


Deliver and support high-quality, innovative, and comprehensive services that empower clients to thrive.

Collaborate with community partners, sister agencies, and public officials on programs and policies that improve the returning citizen's lives and advance systemic change.

Inform the returning citizens of resources available to them through F.A.C.E. Community Resource Center and ts community partnerships

Steward F.A.C.E. resources responsibly and effectively

Goal:   Life Change---Productive citizens that can give into the development of safer and healthier communities and neighborhoods instead of just taking from it through the unnecessary killing and raising crime, couple with aiding in helping to reduce the high incarceration rate of our youth, young adults within underserved populations  



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